Volume 2
GTO-volume 2 cover
Release Date

July 17, 1997

Japanese ISBN

ISBN 4-06-312436-3

English Release Date

June 25, 2002

North America ISBN

ISBN 1-931514-96-8



Cover Character (s)

Eikichi Onizuka

Episode Guide
Volume 1
Volume 3
List of Volumes

Volume 2 is the second volume in the Great Teacher Onizuka manga series, created by Tohru Fujisawa.

Former gangster Onizuka is ready to put aside his punkish ways and join the working world as a teacher. All that stands between him and a regular paycheck and dozens of hot girls to flirt with is the big teaching exam. Oh, wait, he accidentally used his study book as toilet paper!

Now, without credentials, the only place he can land a job is at the Holy Forest Academy where he only barely gets hired after humiliating the Vice Principal. He'll have to use his street smarts to deal with students and faculty alike if he's ever going to become a Great Teacher.



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