Takashi Kadena
Kadena takashi
Character Information


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color





Nerima Daiichi Motors


Nao Kadena (Sister)

Appearance Debut

GTO (Anime)
(Episode 26)

Voice Actor(s) / Actress(es)

Masami Kikuchi (Japanese)
Dave Wittenberg (English)

List of Characters

Takashi Kadena is a minor character that appears only in the anime of GTO. He is the younger brother of Nao Kadena and a skilled mechanic working at Nerima Daiichi Motors.


Reputed as an expert mechanic by his family and coworkers, Takashi is considered to be an industrious and independent individual.


Takashi has dark brown eyes and short black hair with long sideburns. He is only seen wearing mechanic coveralls with a white T-shirt underneath.



Three years prior to the events of Great Teacher Onizuka, Takashi was injured in a street race. He had been driving his sister's "Hakosuka" (a popular name for the first-generation Nissan Skyline GT-R in Japan) when he was challenged by another driver to "Last Light": a form of street racing in which the drivers must speed through intersections without hesitation. Unfortunately for Takashi, he wound up broadsiding a semi-truck after running a red light during the race. Luckily, he managed to survive the crash.

Afterwards, his sister Nao blamed herself for what happened to Takashi. While he was able to recover, he still had problems with his eyesight. For this, Nao sought out a medical agent who told her that she would need ¥‎30,000,000 to afford surgery for her brother in the U.S. Since then, Nao and Takashi have been working independently to afford his surgery.


In the anime, Takashi is first encountered by Ryuji Danma at Nerima Daiichi Motors in Episode 26. He is introduced to Ryuji by his coworker Mutō, who recognized and hailed Ryuji as he was leaving the shop. Their fortuitous encounter prompts Ryuji to notify Eikichi Onizuka of his appearance.

Near the end of the episode, he is reintroduced to his sister by Ryuji, Onizuka, and Azusa Fuyutsuki. Takashi apologizes to Nao for not contacting her earlier and mentions that he only wanted to escape from her. Acknowledging her self-perceived guilt and desire to help him, he chides her for wasting her life for him. He asserts that his injuries were his own fault and that he himself should pay for the surgery that he needs. Takashi concludes by telling Nao that she should live her own life as he will with his.


Nao Kadena

Takashi and Nao were very close as brother and sister. Presumably, the two had worked as partners in the street racing scene before Takashi's accident. After his accident, the two fell apart as Takashi sought to remove himself from his sister's life: believing that she wouldn't waste her life helping him if he left. However, when the two are reintroduced, Takashi realizes that his absence did nothing to prevent Nao from dedicating her life to helping him.


  • "You live your own life."


  • Takashi appears only in the anime.

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