Shinomi Fujisaki (藤崎志乃美 lit. fujisaki shinomi)

Formerly a fat and rather unattractive girl who was defended by Eikichi in the past, Shinomi reappears as a beautiful young woman who is involved with Takezawa Akira of the Idaten gang. After Takezawa is hospitalised after fighting Eikichi and he breaks up with her, she dyes her hair blonde and joins the Onibaku circle of friends. She has an attraction to Eikichi throughout the series, but since he sees her more like a sister he is reluctant to embark on a relationship with her.

She becomes a friend of Nagisa’s, and is often seen hanging around with her. Shinomi is feisty and packs a good punch, and personality-wise is the female Eikichi, so they are pretty well suited. Shinomi appears in GTO as Tomoko's makeup artist, and at the end of the series seems to catch on to the identity of Tomoko and Mayu's teacher. Afterwards, she appears again in GTO: Shonan 14 Days as the second caretaker at White Swan.

Voice Actress: Akiko Hiramatsu

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