Ryuji Danma
Ryuji danma


Eyes Color


Hair Color


Birth Date

September 13th


Biker (Previously) His own Mechanic Workshop (Bikes)


Lesson 1: Onizuka Emerged


Lesson 1: GTO - The Legend Begins

Voice Actor

Isshin Chiba
Kirk Thornton (English)

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Eikichi's best friend since middle school with a past as co-founder of the Oni-Baku of Shonan, now Ryuji keeps his passion for bikes with his job as a mechanic and has opened his own workshop.

Even now Ryuji still gets involved in Eikichi's adventures and being attached to him still follows and supports him.

He's the mature one of the two and often gives Eikichi some good advice.

He has a girlfriend, Nagisa Nagase (a character very much more developed in Shonan Junai Gumi rather than GTO).


When he was part of the well known Oni-Baku (Oni, meaning demon, comes from Onizuka - Baku, meaning bomb, comes from Ryuji's surname Danma which means explosion) they were 16 years old and were used to fighting against gangs way superior in number to them; although thanks to their abnormal strength and their uncommon charisma the two slowly become a legend. Ryuji is notable for being one of the few fighters capable of matching Onizuka in strength and skill.


  • More about him can be read in Bad Company, a prequel to GTO, where he as the main character.

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