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Naoko Moritaka

Nao Kadena

Born: Okinawa, 8th June, 1974

She directly comes from the series Shonan Junai Gumi, the prequel of GTO.  In the anime she replaces the character of Naoko Moritaka in the role of the school's nurse.

Still beautiful and attractive, like Naoko, she soon becomes popular among the male students.

In the past she was known as the "Queen of Hakosuka", and used to win illegal racing which she left once her brother had a near fatal accident. Since her brother needed an expensive surgery operation, without which he could die at any time she decided to become Seirin's nurse in order to earn the money.
With her need for money she doesn't hesitate to sell items at a discount to the students and teachers.

After getting enough money she gives it to an American doctor who tricks her and runs away with the money after revealing in the news for his illegal act. Due to that experience she decides to leave the job as nurse but is lead to change her mind after having challenged Onizuka to a race and after her brother Takashi decides to earn the money himself. She is also the one who convinces Hiroshi Uchiyamada to make her remain working as a school nurse.

She appears to be mature and well aware of the "power" she has on men.

Nao gets along with Azusa, trying to make her mature as woman and  helping her with advice in women's matters and love things.

Nao is last seen along with other teachers including the director Ryoko Sakurai against a group of Ministry of Education who involves the conspiracy between Mizuki and Mr. Saito.

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