Music page list all the soundtracks and characters's songs for the Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) Anime.

For episodes 1-16 the opening theme was Driver's High by L'Arc-en-Ciel . In the video the band rob a bank and the American police try to catch them as they flee to Mexico and the song ends as they drive over a cliff. For the same episodes the ending theme was Last Piece by Kirari whose hip hop style would be heard again in the 2004 anime drama Aishiteruze Baby. Kirari would go on to act in the 1998 live action GTO drama. From episodes 17-43 the opening theme was Hitori no Yoru (Japanese for lonely night) by Porno Graffiti.

The video is in black and white and has a white woman wearing boots. Miwako Okuda's song Shizuku (droplet) was the ending theme from episodes 17-33 replaced by Cherished Memories by Hong Kong Knife until the 2nd last episode (42) and at the very end of the show Driver's High played again.

Opening Songs

Ending Songs

Kirari - Last Piece
1st ED

Insert Songs

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