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Miyabi Aizawa in school uniform

She is a student of the Holy Forest Academy and attends class 3-4.

Birthdate: November 1st, 1985

Aizawa began not to trust teachers anymore when someone dear to her got involved in a scandal due to an affair of their former instructor. From this, she and her cohorts began their quest of kicking out any teacher who will be assigned to their class. They were successful in making these teachers resign, but Onizuka...

Miyabi is the only one who keeps to hate Onizuka until the very end, obsessed by having him get fired, she will often go over the limits to reach her goal.

She will be the one to kick out Tomoko from her group, after the girl's clumsy mistake in one of the plans against Onizuka.
While apparently very diligent at home, Aizawa is full of rage and can be merciless towards anyone that is between her revenge on instructors, using any way to reach her purposes.

Anime & Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, her hate against teachers begins with a past experience involving her fell in love for a teacher but discovering only later that he was already with another woman, which made her feeling abandoned and her rage leading them to be against every teacher.
  • In the anime the girl in love with the teacher was a friend of Miyabi's who killed herself after discovering that she was pregnant and the teacher had abandoned her.

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