Misuzu Daimon
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Holy Forest Academy

Appearance Debut

GTO (Manga)
(Chapter x)

List of Characters

She was a manga only character. The Headmistress of Holy Forest Academy.

She's the second adminstrator at the Holy Forest with a mole, at the right side (her left) of her face. Fukuroda was the first. 

She have a really busty figure. It's rumored that they are at least a 'D' size.

Holy Forest Academy attempts to move on with things, especially after one Suguru Teshigawara attempted to carry out his plans for a perfect world (Manga Volumes 18 & 19).  The school has gone through so much and has survived though one has to wonder what state it's in.  Ms. Daimon comes to Holy Forest soon after, injecting yet even more 'fun' and 'chaos' to the students' and facility's lives.  And of course this means another enemy to make Onizuka's job more difficult and interesting.  The thing she does/her methods seems rather clever and interesting. It's interesting to see what she throws out at Onizuka and how HE will get to her eventually.

Not does she have an agenda of ridding Holy Forest of Onizuka, she has her sights/targets on kindly Mrs. Sakurai for personal reasons.  Like most of the incidents in GTO, someone has something against a teacher for something that has happened (in the past), and Daimon has that right here.  The reasons why she was brought over to Holy Forest and her 'style' / 'philosophy' of running a school/reforming it gets revealed in Manga Volume 24.

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