Ikeda Maruyama
Character Information

Francesco Xavier




Holy Forest Academy (Formerly)
Evergreen Academy

Appearance Debut

GTO (Manga)
(Chapter x)

List of Characters

He is also known as Francesco Xavier by Onizuka.

Interests:  Trying to get booze/golf when it's convienent for him... or trying to avoid ugly situations, women.

This man looks very similar to Vice Principal Uchiyamada, so it can be very hard to tell them apart.  One of the major differences is that Xavier tends to wear white/light colored suits, while Uchiyamada tends to wear black/dark colors.  He tries his best to try to contain things after certain Onizuka related events occur.  As a result, he has a dislike to Onizuka, but not as severe at the other teachers.  Despite his position, his work is often 'carried out' by either Mrs. Sakurai or by Uchiyamada.  The man supposedly had diabetes.

Ikeda's handling of the job (often abusing his power/position to quench some private/personal needs) leads to a necessary change in the Holy Forest staffing, making his departure to Evergreen Academy and the arrival of a certain womanly figure more interesting for the school.

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