Hiderohsawa - hideki ozawa

Hideki Ozawa

The first 'teacher' Onizuka meets at Musashino Public High School during training. This so-called 'teacher' is a real womanizer: has a reputation for sleeping with his female students and convinces Onizuka that teaching high school is the way to go. Not to mention that, the idea of having a 16-years-old wife at age 40 is irresistable to the 22-years-old Onizuka.

But not long after Onizuka silences Nanako's gang, Hideki insists that Onizuka rape Nanako just to keep her shut too. But just as Onizuka's about to go through with it, he learns of Nanako's problems and changes his ways.

It is not showed what happens to Ozawa, all we know is that he was caught but left for another training session somewhere.

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