GTO - Volume 7
GTO Manga Volume 7
Volume Information
Written by

Tohru Fujisawa

Japanese Release Date

June 17, 1998

Japanese ISBN

ISBN 4-06-312559-9

Published by


North American Release Date

November 12, 2002

North American ISBN

ISBN 1-59182-031-6

Published by


Number of Pages


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GTO - Volume 7 is the seventh volume in Tohru Fujisawa's Great Teacher Onizuka manga series.


Never one to be hindered by anything as slight as gunshot wounds to the torso, Onizuka returns to the classroom, and becomes a hero after the media catch wind of the story of a dedicated teacher who saved the life of a student.

His good fortune continues when the results of the Toguka test are posted, perhaps proving to his many naysayers that Onizuka isn't as stupid as presumed. Enter Urumi, an intelligent yet insanely sinister student returning from a respite that, according to the instructors at Holy Forest Academy, was not nearly long enough. She wastes no time in terrorizing the faculty, but Onizuka is quick to stand up to her antics. Now his only problem is keeping one step ahead of her criminal mind!


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