GT-R: Great Transporter Ryuji (GT-R: ジーティー・アール GT-R: Jītī Āru) is a spin-off one-shot of the GTO manga, It was published from June 27th, 2012 to October 3rd, 2012, 10 chapters in total.

Being one of the few longtime friends with Eikichi Onizuka (GTO), Ryuji Danma has seen all the fiascoes he has gotten into. But the motorcycle shop owner and self proclaimed fastest driver in the city is about to get into a world of trouble.

A hot teenager named Mimon Ishikawa starts taking interest in Ryuji, but contrary to her appearance, she's a dangerous person that will put Ryuji into life threatening situations. Even though he has a beautiful girlfriend named Nagisa Nagase, Mimon is about to wreak havoc in Ryuji's peaceful life.