Azusa Fuyutsuki


Eyes Color

Light Brown

Hair Color



Seirin (Holy Forest) Academy



Voice Actor

Nanako Matshushima
Wendee Lee (English)

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She is one of the teachers in the Seirin (Holy Forest) Academy.

Azusa Fuyutsuki is 22 years old, just like Onizuka, is born in Tokyo the 19th march on 1978. Her skin is pale and her eyes light brown.

She's a beautiful co-worker of Onizuka's and a supportive friend of his that eventually develops feelings of romantic nature towards him as she worried about him throughout the series whenever he gets in serious trouble, aware of his recklessness. Quite differently from our hero, Azusa graduated in one of Tokyo's best universities, Waseda, with a degree in Literature. Her field of teaching is Kokugo or Japanese language.

She's responsible and may initially seem shy, quiet and perfectly ordinary, but, as the story progresses, it is revealed she can be determined and bold (even though clearly not to Onizuka's level) if she feels she is defending something important. There were times when she even put her job at stake to help Onizuka, slowly showing his influence in her. Her moral is high, and she admires Onizuka because he acts on his beliefs and stands his ground even when the circumstances are against him. She envies how much fun he has as a teacher since she herself did not have confidence in her teaching until he assured her she had taught something important even to him.

She has difficulty with the female students in her class due to all the boys in her class having crushes on her but brings them around fairly quickly after Onizuka's advice.

Azusa has a younger sister, Makoto, who is in high school at the time of her debut. She happens to be radically different from her older sister, as she happens to have some expertise in martial arts, is obsessed with detective investigations and is good with technological devices.

Azusa Fuyutsuki

Azusa's appearance in the manga.

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