Ayu Sakura
Ayu Sakura
Character Information

Clay Doll






Holy Forest Academy

Appearance Debut

GTO: Paradise Lost
(Chapter 4)

List of Characters

Ayu Sakura is a female student attending Class G at Holy Forest Academy. She first appears in Chapter 4 of of GTO: Paradise Lost, but isn't introduced until Chapter 84.



When she was younger, Ayu was considered a genius child actress. She appeared in talk shows and on magazine covers before starring in action TV shows such as Dogu Girl MayuMs. Detective Ayu, and The Swordsgirl of Flowers. While filming Dogu Girl Mayu, she met Hitomi Tani, who was assigned as her stunt double, and the two quickly became friends. They would continue co-starring in various action TV shows until Hitomi physically outgrew Ayu.

Despite her experience in the industry, Hitomi is unable to find any further work. Ayu, being her friend, seeks to help her out.


While practicing karate in their physical education class, the students are assembled for mixed sparring. When selected to spar first, Ayu states that her agency prohibited her from participating in any activity that might injure her and suggests that Hitomi take her place instead -- knowing that Hitomi's popularity in the school would skyrocket if people knew about her stunt roles and her martial arts ability.

To further help Hitomi, Ayu invites her to an elite club to network with some notable celebrities.

Afterwards, Ayu becomes increasingly worried about Hitomi, believing that she may be soliciting herself to pay the membership fee for the club and to purchase the luxurious goods that she brings to school. She alerts Eikichi Onizuka of her suspicions.

Both Ayu and Onizuka trail Hitomi to Kabukichō, a red-light district located in Tokyo, but they both lose sight of her. Nearby, Ayu finds an establishment, HS Girl Room Expo, which she believes Hitomi might have entered. However, to their surprise, Hitomi is actually working at a nearby construction site as a scaffolding worker.

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